Friday, August 6, 2010

Club Cousins

It is such a blessing to have a great family that is so close. My sister, 3 cousins and I all grew up like sisters. 4 of us have kids and are stay at home moms. We get together every week for what we call "Club Cousins" and have lunch, let the kids play, and hang out. I am thrilled that our kids get to grow up together. There are currently 5 mini cousins (4 girls...and 1 boy) and 2 more babies on the way. Here are the 4 girls playing together in the kitchen. I love this picture. I hope they always stay close:)

And here are all the kids stuffed inside the ball bus with Aunt Lou Lou (the lighting was bad, but it's a cute picture)

And here is our Maw Maw who stopped by for a visit with all of her great grandbabies


AmberV said...

You guys really are blessed! I so wish that my cousins lived nearby to share the same experience. Only, there would be so many of us that no one would have a house big enough to hold my cousins and their kids.

Jennifer Casey said...

Wow, what great pictures! Those will ALWAYS be treasured by the kids! You are so fortunate to have so much family so close!