Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A smile, a coo and a sweet little piggy nose

I cannot believe that my sweet baby girl will be 11 weeks tomorrow. As usual, time is flying by. I am enjoying watching her grow. She is starting to chunk up in her face and that makes for even more kisses from her momma (poor kid..she has to deal until she is old enough to protest).

She is sleeping through the night now (about 11 hours). The other 2 kids were sleeping through the night by 7 weeks. Miss Savannah decided to wait until 10 weeks. But man am I glad it is here now.  She is such a good and calm baby, just chills in her bouncy seat and watches the other kids play. She loves to smile and coo now and Evan said she was belly laughing yesterday...I missed it:( I have started calling her Savy sometimes as a nickname. Got the idea from some friends of ours and while Evan doesn't like it, I think it's cute. I'm loving to watch some of her little personality come out as she gets older. Here is a little snippet from this morning of her smiling and cooing. Her  nose looks like a little piggy nose from straight on...I love it. It is always amazing how much you love your children. Your heart just expands with each one. I am madly in love with this little girl:) 


Kayla said...

so precious!

Heather said...

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