Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 2010 update

How I long to have Internet so I could blog every day. I miss it so much.

Evan just returned from hiking the Appalachian trail for a week. He had a great time and finished early so he is home 4 days earlier than expected...wooohoo! The highlight story: they slept in a bathroom aka outhouse with no plumbing one night to escape the -50 degree windchill. It was -15 degrees in the bathroom but they claimed it was a God send. The pictures are beautiful and look like a Winter Wonderland...don't know how he does it or why he enjoys it, but I am glad he gets to live out his man adventures (at least for 1 week a year)

I am enjoying making aprons and selling them at a store in Baton Rouge. Christmas season was great for business and I am hoping it continues as the new year approaches. I had to make 25 aprons in 2 days after returning from Texas for Christmas because I was wiped out of stock. I sewed all day and all night and after that did not want to look at my sewing machine for a while. I gave myself a week break and now I am ready to start again. Who would have known this little business would do so well. Guess there are still a lot of domesticated women out there...or ones who just want to look cute while pretending to be domesticated.

Dixie Jean is doing great and getting big. She is 6 months old, sitting up, rolling over, eating solid foods and babbling like crazy. We are enjoying every minute with her...except when she seals her mouth shut to avoid eating squash:) She has been such a blessing and we would be thrilled to give her a little sibling whenever God is ready to bless us with another one. Until then..she gets smothered with kisses and hugs.

That is the small McGinty family update. Wish I could post more "fun" stuff, but Dixie is talking across the library....don't think she knows the "quiet rule" yet.