Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayers Please

Two nights ago I witnessed my cousin Shannon hearing some heartbreaking news. Shannon is like my sister more than my cousin. Shannon has 7 half-brothers and sisters, 5 of which are younger than her. Chrissy, who is 21 was killed on Sunday night in a car wreck when her car hit a tree. It seems so surreal. I hated the sound of Shannon screaming "You're lying" and dropping to the floor to sob as Brian broke the news to her. Her sweet 15 month old began crying at the sound of her mother's tears. You really don't realize how fast someone can be gone. I know we hear that all the time when others lose someone but we never think it can happen to us.
The family is having a hard time. Shannon seems ok for the moment but I think its just all of those feelings or stages of grief that you go through like it's not real. It's so easy to blame yourself for not saying all the things you should have or could have said and she is dealing with that now. Please keep Shannon and all of the Herbert family in your prayers. Chrissy also had a 3 year old son, Stephen. The services are Saturday and I know they will need to be lifted up during this time of great loss and sadness.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Mamma Mia

So I just got back from seeing Mamma Mia in the theater. What a fun movie! If you like Abba...you will be singing along. If you are not inspired to sing or dance after watching it...you need to lighten up! I am so loving that musicals are coming back in "style." If you have not seen it already...get a group of girls together..it would be great to see with your mom. Well.....at least with my mom. I guess it depends on who your mom is. None the less......if you want a pick me up or something to get you swaying....go see it! "Mamma Mia...here I go again"

I suddenly feel the urge to dress up and make a music video! Anyone else in?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I haven't updated our blog in quite a while. Well, I am sad to say that Camp Dangie 08 is officially over. My brother Daniel moved in with his mom so I will no longer get to keep him this summer. It is really weird waking up and him not sleeping on my couch in the morning from when my dad drops him off to head to work. We still had so many things we wanted to do like Go carts, the movies to see Journey to the Center of the Earth, and a bunch more. It was a great summer and one that I will always cherish. I feel as though Daniel and I really bonded. His last week was spent at Northlake's Cyber Camp where he learned how to design Video Games (his new passion). He had a great time and his award at the end of the camp was SuperStunt Student (Go figure...he's always jumping off things and doing tricks). I really miss him. He will be starting a new school in August, which is going to be tough. He is in the middle of Junior High and those are awkward years as it is. Please keep him in your prayers as he is in a new house and making yet another transition in his life. Please keep me in your prayers as I more than likely will not see him or Dayne (the youngest) until after Septemeber at the earliest when things settle in court. I am posting pictures from his Cyber camp below.

Showing Evan how to play his game he made. He was so proud...and so were we.
Daniel and Michael...his buddy from this summer
This summer has also been full of lots of pool time and time with babies! I am adding some random pics that I have taken over the past few weeks. I have been really bad about taking pictures...so these are the most recent ones I have. As the summer is nearing an end in a few weeks, I am glad for all the memories that we have made in Summer 2008!

Sophie's new thing is floating on the raft in the pool . That's Joey my step-dad. Doing a little snorkeling in the pool....with the broken mask.

Evan professing his love for me underwater....and my foot in the way.

Brian with Soryn.....She's so cute!!!! Audrey at 4 1/2 months old

Soryn sharing the baby with Audrey
Ryn in her cute swimsuit from Nanny. She likes playing on the steps.Audrey taking a bath....she loves bath time.......look at that sweet face.

With Uncle Evan.That bib is not lying!!!!
I managed to get up the guts to ride the motorcycle with Mr. Joey. It was great, but the helmet makes me feel claustraphobic.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dress Up

I babysat Soryn this week and decided to play dress up with her in all of my princess outfits. The truth is...I wish I could fit in those dresses, but since I can't...she got to wear them. I think I had more fun than she did. I found it hilarious to see how much of a munchkin she looked like as each dress swallowed her. But she loved to go show Uncle Evan after each changing. I had to share pictures of her fashion show. I think we'll have more fun with this when she is a little older. I can't wait to have a little girl one day!




Jasmine (my favorite)

Snow White

All hail Princess Ryn

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love a day to myself!

Today has been great. I am sitting here at 2:26 in my towel after taking a nice shower and realizing that I still have half the day ahead of me to do whatever I please. Daniel was invited to Blue Bayou with the other child I teach cooking lessons to and his youth group. He was soooo excited to go that he kept asking me the same questions over and over to which my answer never changed..."I don't know." I am glad to see that he is making new friends and as an added bonus, it gives me a day to myself.

I took the 3 boys to the church this morning and since then I have done my quiet time, listened to the Nanny Diaries on audio as I sipped some hot chai. Adorable and delightful book if I may say so. There are a few choice words in there that they could have done without though. The audio version is read by Julia Roberts and she does a fantastic job! I saw the movie, but the book is always better because you get to use your imagination.

After I finished the 4 discs, I decided I needed a workout so that I am not completely a lazy bum today. So, I busted out my Carmen Electra Fit to Strip DVD. On this one there is no stripping involved...just a GREAT WORKOUT to prepare your body if you decide to strip. The sweat was pouring onto my carpet from my forehead....Note to self...Vacuum and clean carpet. Afterwards I chugged a BIG glass of water and hit the shower.

For the rest of the day I think I will hit the library. The Bob Greene Best Life Diet book is on hold for me. I know I know...a diet book....but I think it's a lifestyle book. Anyway he rants and raves about it on Oprah..I know...Oprah! Anyway, it might make me feel like getting healthy...what have I got to lose?

I have Bible Study at 6:30 and I need to cook spaghetti before I go for my fabulous husband. But I think I can squeeze some time in there to run up to school and make some copies for next year and file them. Ok now that I have typed that....that sounds like a dreadful idea on my day off. X school I'll find something else to do....maybe treat myself to Smoothie King...YUMMY! Now that I've blabbered enough, I need to get dressed...Bob Green's healthy living tips await me and I'd hate for them to give them to someone else.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I don't know why, but I can't sleep. I tried to go to bed and fall asleep with Evan at around 10:30, but I was restless. I can't stop thinking about the upcoming school year. So, I am on the internet at midnight looking up cute ideas and organizational ideas for my classroom. Isn't this pathetic. I still have 1 more month to enjoy summer and not think about school. Well actually only a few more weeks before I have to get in there and set things up. I wan to be careless still..not searching the Internet on how to organize finished assignments. Although there could be an up side to this. I am the world's BIGGEST procrastinator. Maybe God is helping me out here by kicking my butt into gear. Who knows? Anyway, I hope to be able to get sleepy soon...I have a long day of sewing tomorrow.