Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Blogging

Here we are, almost May of 2010 and I finally have Internet......I am letting out a huge "whooooooo hooooo!" It's been a long time coming. Unfortunately I have to wait till the hubby gets home to use the lap top, but at least I get to blog again (something which the hubby hates:() Hopefully he'll come around..or leave the computer with me during the day so I can blog when he is not home (not out of disrespect but courtesy)

Since my last update, we bought our first house, which is an amazing feeling!

(Evan will be working on the landscaping soon)

I loved our little charming 1 bedroom apartment and Dixie Jean's baby nook (aka the foyer turned into a room), but I feel like I can breathe now. God has blessed us to be able to have this new place. 3 bedrooms 2 baths, a nice sized fenced in yard and a garden tub for momma (our old place only had a standing shower since it was built for an elderly has been over a year since I have soaked in a tub). It is perfect for our little family.

(Farewell Baby will never be forgotten)

Dixie Jean has her own room now and although it took her a little while getting used to being in such a grand space (in her eyes), she now enjoys looking around upon awakening from nap time. I am looking forward to decorating her room now. In the works: a decal with her name.... and a whimsical tree blowing in the wind painted on her wall. Can't wait till it's all dolled up.

The spare room still has boxes waiting to be unpacked, but I find myself trying not to look every time I walk by (then it's like it doesn't exist). Stuff still needs to be hung on the walls to add that finishing homey touch (usually what I want done before we unpack the unnecessary boxes...but I couldn't work a hammer and nail if I we leave that to the hubby who has been super busy with work lately). I know it will all come around in due time.

I am loving our new living room set that we got from Rooms to Go. I changed my mind on what we wanted 2 times and I thought the sales lady was going to shoot fire out of her eyes at me, luckily she didn't:) When the furniture actually came in, I decided I really liked it and Rooms to Go needed to hire me as an interior designer since I mixed and matched all the furniture and was pleasantly pleased with the aesthetics of it (as was my hubby). I thought if there was ever a time the hubs was gonna kill me, it was when I kept changing my mind over furniture. I picked out the house much faster than the furniture. But it is all done now and praise the Lord! I hate making decisions! I will post pictures when everything is in place.

Dixie Jean is getting so big! She is now 10 months and rather than crawling, she scoots around using one leg to drag her forward and pulling with her arms. She is all over the place now, especially enjoying scooting around on the wood laminate floor. The other day she discovered the front bathroom (here we go). She babbles all the time, especially after her morning bottle. It's like she has to tell us all about her dreams. She is very affectionate (especially to momma), but is also very clingy:( She has also started to get attitude. Already I see it: a push of the hand when she doesn't want something or a "ughhhh" or "ahhhh." Just more of a confirmation that we are born with a sin nature. She loves being around other kids though, and will laugh at them all day. She is going to be a great big sister one day:) We are still working on growing some day.

I am still selling my aprons in BR (it's been a little slow, but I don't mind). I have not been in much of a sewing mood lately. I am tutoring on the side for a little extra money and enjoy being able to be a teacher again (at least to 1 student). Evan is super busy with lawn care, which is wonderful for business but not for family time. Is it bad to say that I prefer the winter when he's home more often??? I am thankful for God's provision and continued blessings on the business. I just miss the hubs.

Well...I look forward to more frequent posts but for now it's time to hit the sack...Dixie Jean will be awake before I know it and momma needs rest:)