Monday, March 30, 2009

Luxurious Weekend!

What a great weekend we had in Orange Beach! It was very relaxing and the weather decided to be nice to us. We were able to go out to the pool Saturday and Sunday. I know...we were at the beach and didn't even go to the beach, but when you see the pool area of this place, you'll know why. The condo was fabulous and spacious and provided a great amount of R&R for all 3 of us. Evan and I didn't feel great all weekend, but it helped knowing we were in the lap of luxury while we suffered. The family who's place we stayed at was so kind and generous to us for letting us use the condo and anything in it. We are very grateful and really enjoyed our stay. I am ready for summer to soak up some more sun!

Mom and I ready for a beautiful day at the pool.
At Lucy Buffets restaraunt, LuLu's. Great live music and yummy food made it worth the 1 hour wait!
Baby McGinty's first time to go swimming! Even though it does that everyday! it was swimming within swimming!
Mom and I being goofy in the indoor pool
The living area of the condo
The view from our balcony. Yes, that is a lazy river around the pool...see why we never went to the beach?

Evan floating in the lazy river. He was the only brave one to get into the shocking ice water.

Friday, March 27, 2009

End of the Week

What a week it has been!!! I knew it would be busy, but man. I had my observation yesterday and thankfully it went really well. I always work myself up for those. I was glad to go out with a bang. I have had an abundance of apron orders this week. Suddenly there are a slew of teachers at my school who want The HANDY. I am so thankful for the orders, but it has been nothing but sewing all week in my free time. I am super excited because there is a parent at my school who owns a high end boutique and is going to start selling my aprons in her store. She is buying them outright from me, so I am guaranteed the money, and as they sell, I am sure she will want more. So more sewing for me!!!!! I have 13 aprons on back order right now! Thank you God for being faithful in that area and give me the energy and time to complete the task before me without growing weary. AMEN!

Both Evan and I are sick:( He is worse off than me with an ear infection, runny nose, dripping throat, and runny eyes. If he is really sick you know it because he is always on the go and he has been down the past few days. He went to a Redi-Med (which is like pulling teeth to get him to go...but he knew he needed to) and got some medicine, so I hope it kicks in soon. I miss snuggling my hubby. I have the sore throat, losing my voice, snot, headache thing going on...but I am trying to make it through today although thus far, my kids are not listening all that well. I guess that's what I get for making it Crazy Hat day and it being my birthday. They are sweet though, and I got a bunch of gifts and cards, cupcakes and ice-cream. I do feel loved!

We are off to the beach after school 2 sick ones and my mom who is afraid to get sick being in a condo with us. I was so ready to bask in the sun, but it looks like it is going to rain all weekend and we will be stuck in the condo. Bummer...but, we will make the best of it. I keep saying it is God's way to protect other people's eyes from seeing me in all my glory in my maternity swimsuit. HAHAHA! It will give Evan and I the chance to catch up on rest, which is the best medicine.

I will post pictures next week when we get back of our little get away.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Busy Week

This week has me completely overwhelmed! I have my brothers 2 nights this week (Which means I don't get home until 9:40 from dropping them off), 4 aprons to make, Bible Study and my final observation by my principal. I am so tired!!! Today I snuck out of chapel and went and took a cat nap under my castle in my classroom. I was all nice and relaxed and then I heard my door open. A parent had walked in to get their child's book bag to check them out. I had to pop out of the castle and admit how tired this baby is making professional right???Oh well..I couldn't hold my eyes open.

I am excited that this week will end perfectly. As a teacher at a private school, you get some really nice gifts. One of those was the offer to use one of my student's family's condos in Orange Beach. So Friday, Evan and my mom and I are heading up to the beach. It is also my 27th birthday...I feel old. I remember when I was little thinking my Golden Birthday would never come because it would be when I was REALLY OLD. This weekend will be some much needed R&R after this week. I just hope the sun comes out for us and I can bask in it....although not too long. The thought of being in my maternity swimsuit has me a little freaked out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

leg cramps and bloody noses

Reading all those pregnancy books, you get to hear about all the good and the bad that come along with pregnancy. I obviously had it bad at the beginning, but since week 15 have been doing just fine and actually enjoying being pregnant. I thought I had escaped some of the common problems women have. Well this week 2 new ones snuck up on me. Terrible leg cramps (especially at night) and a bloody nose. The nose I can deal with. The leg cramps are killing me. I have had leg cramps before in the past and it would usually occur in the middle of the night when I would stretch and suddenly it felt like my calf muscle was tearing and ripping into shreds. I wake up in tears and not being able to move. Well, those are occurring quite freuently now along with feeling the after effects from s shredded muscle all day. Now I know my muscle is not actually torn...although I promise you it feels like it. And yes I am a wuss by nature, but geez this is PAIN! Iam sure the leg cramps are due to standing all day teaching Kindergartners. I also heard I need to drink more water (I am bad at that) and eat bananas for potassium. So there are my latest ailes.

Other than that, the pregnancy is going well. I am waiting on results from my glucose test (I pray I passed). I am now 26 weeks and look 8 months. I have accumulated 7 stretch marks on my tummy alone (Oh joy!) I am still having baby dreams and am longing to hold my baby in my arms. Only 14 weeks to go!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Feeling Handy?????

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The kiddos

Here are some updated pictures of the babies in the family. They are getting sooo big!

Here is Van (Baby Buffalo!). He is getting big and oh so snuggly. Last time I held him he curled up and put his lips on my belly right where my baby is as if to give his soon to be cousin a big kiss. He settled in there for about an hour....lips and all. It was so sweet.

Audrey walking around like crazy and trying to catch Brooke!

Brooke loves Uncle Evan's cowboy hat. Who doesn't love a cowboy right? Look at her beautiful smile! She lights up a room!

Soryn is talking all the time and discovering new things everyday. She has the cutest personality lately. And yes, she still has massive cheeks that are screaming to be kissed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Apron Coming!!!

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

"It's the Final Countdown...brda...brr....rrr"

The end of the school year and the thought of being a stay at home mommy has been setting in as a reality more and more lately...and I am LOVING it! It is kind of weird and I have not fully grasped it, but I am getting there. Already there have been so many things at school that I am not required to do because I won't be here next year. Tomorrow there is a prospective parent coming in to observe the K teachers to see who she would like for her child...yes parents here put in requests, but I am being bypassed because I am pregnant and won't be here next year. NO PRESSURE for me!!!!! I love it!

This school year has flown by, as every one of them does. Part of me is sad because I love teaching and this has been my home for the past 4 years, but more than sad I am elated! Elated to start a new chapter (18 year chapter) in my life. Ready to hold that sweet baby in my arms and kiss their little baby lips (I am obsessed with baby lips...they are so perfect!). But most of all, doing what I do now for my own child. I have treasured each one of my students and loved them, taught them, encouraged them, disciplined them etc, but soon I will get to do that with my own rather than 17 that belong to someone else. Oh...the thought thrills me! Only 45 actual school days left! Let the countdown begin!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


One of the great advantages to teaching at a Christian school is being able to start my day with a devotional. I love gathering with my colleagues and hearing God's word and praying together before we set foot in our classrooms. It helps to get my focus right. This morning we had a very short "nugget" that was shared with us. It is something that anyone who reads the Bible can use and since I am a K teacher and it was simple with a visual I really liked it!

It's called SOAP. It is a method to use when studying scripture and here is how you do it:

S-Say it and keep saying it. Memorize it and hide it in your heart.
O-Observe it (See how it is used, when and why in the Bible it was used and how you have seen it in your life or in others lives.
A-Apply it. How can you put this scripture into work in your life. How can this scripture be used to transform your thinking to a more God centered way.
P-Pray. Pray for God to use His word in your life. Pray for the process of application. Pray for Him to continue to reveal things to you through this scripture.

As a visual, we each got a yummy bar of soap from Pier 1. I thought it was something practical and easy to remember.

Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm a WHO!!!

Here it is Dr. Seuss day and I decided the easiest thing to be was a "Who" again. So here are Momma Who and Baby Who. Geez that kid is looking huge! How do you like my hair? It is about a foot tall.I could not fit in the car on my way to work and I got a lot of crazy looks. But it's worth it. The kids are having so much fun. I wish I could post a picture of all of them. It is going to be a long day as they are already starting to go crazy and it is only 10 am!!! Pray for me please!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

6 month BELLY!!!

Whoaaaaa Nelly!!!! Here is the 6th month belly pic. There is no denying that I am spreading. The leggings don't help hide anything! I wanted that cute little bump that just goes straight out. I guess only skinny people get those...oh well. My body is protecting this baby with lots of padding :)

Last time I went to the doctor, I had gained 8 pounds in a month. The doctor said that was ok because it was the first time I had gained in the pregnancy. ( I know what you're thinking...that's only 8 pounds.....yep) He just told me I better not come in every month with that much of a weight gain......Yikes! I really like ice-cream these days. My next appointment is on March 17th..we'll see if I get fussed.

Our trip to Texas

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dr. Seuss Costume???

I need help!!! Friday is our Dr. Seuss celebration at school and I am supposed to dress up as a character or something from a Dr. Seuss book. Usually I get all into it. I have been: Green Eggs and Ham, A Who from Whoville and A Thinker from Oh the Thinks you can Think. This year, I am slacking as I don't have time or money to make an elaborate costume and it will be a whole day of school as opposed to a 1/2 day like usual, which means I have to wear the costume all day. I was trying to think of an easy costume that I can make from things at home and incorporate my preggo belly into. Although, I don't think Dr. Seuss had many knocked up characters in his stories. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Blogging Blah......

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. A new post is soon to come filled with things from our trip to Texas last week. Evan wanted to do the post, so he is working on a video on his handy dandy Mac that I have no clue how to work, to highlight the trip. I will also be posting a 6 month belly pic this week as I am 6 months tomorrow!!!!!!! I am wanting to start the next apron, but haven't made it to the store for double bias tape. As soon as I do, it won't take long to finish it. More updates to come soon..........