Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Prayers Please

Two nights ago I witnessed my cousin Shannon hearing some heartbreaking news. Shannon is like my sister more than my cousin. Shannon has 7 half-brothers and sisters, 5 of which are younger than her. Chrissy, who is 21 was killed on Sunday night in a car wreck when her car hit a tree. It seems so surreal. I hated the sound of Shannon screaming "You're lying" and dropping to the floor to sob as Brian broke the news to her. Her sweet 15 month old began crying at the sound of her mother's tears. You really don't realize how fast someone can be gone. I know we hear that all the time when others lose someone but we never think it can happen to us.
The family is having a hard time. Shannon seems ok for the moment but I think its just all of those feelings or stages of grief that you go through like it's not real. It's so easy to blame yourself for not saying all the things you should have or could have said and she is dealing with that now. Please keep Shannon and all of the Herbert family in your prayers. Chrissy also had a 3 year old son, Stephen. The services are Saturday and I know they will need to be lifted up during this time of great loss and sadness.