Monday, February 2, 2009

"Tale as old as Time"

My wonderful husband took me to go see the play Beauty and the Beast this past weekend. The Jefferson Performing Arts Center was putting it on. I was so EXCITED. After all, it is my favorite Disney Movie and I like to pretend I am Belle. I bought my wedding dress because it reminded me of hers. The place was packed and I was a little jealous to see a few little girls show up in their Belle dresses. If only I could get away with that!! I had to giggle because they were selling "Enchanted" roses for $5 that lit up....they were kinda cool. I fussed Evan for taking me and not buying me an Enchanted Rose....I was kidding.

We were a little nervous at first when the show started 30 minutes late because they had double sold tickets and the place was sold out. It did not seem very professional and I was afraid of what the show would be like. But the show was wonderful! It took everything within me not to stand up and twirl in the aisle and sing with the cast. Granted Belle's voice was much better than mine but hey no one would notice if I just belted it out a little...right??? I refrained and Evan thanked me.

The characters were wonderful as was the set, the songs, and even the fireworks and confetti that popped out occasionally. Evan and I laughed as all of the little girld held up their lit enchanted roses as the beast died in order to bring him back to life. Ok so really it kind of brought a tear to my eye as cheesy as it was.

It was a fun night and as I think about it now I might start dancing and singing "There's something sweet, and almost kind. But he was mean and he was course and unrefined. But now he's dear and so unsure....I wonder why I didn't see it there before..."