Saturday, September 19, 2009

Daddy Boot Camp

Evan took Dixie with him to Daddy Boot camp this morning. Since he is now a "veteran" dad he was going to talk with and answer questions for expectant dads. It was so cute watching him walk into the hospital as proud papa with his Dixie Jean in tote. He requested that I put a flower on her head. I dressed her in her I love Daddy shirt and blue jean skirt. He is such an amazing father and I am so glad that Dixie is going to have such a positive role model in her life in her father. So mommy is at the coffee shop with 4 hours of "free time!" I am loving this but I miss my 2 favorite people already. Hopefully Dixie and Evan are showing these new daddies the ropes and maybe they'll even be so lucky as for her to fill up her diaper and let them change her :)


Jamie Mullins said...

So proud of my baby brother...made me cry!! Love you guys...miss you like crazy! Christmas won't be here soon enough!!