Monday, July 12, 2010

An Open Book

Last night at our community group, instead of meeting at a home and discussing the book we have been studying, we met at Books a Million. Everyone had to pick a book about something they liked or something about them that people in the group don't know. Then you had to pick a book about something you disagree with. It was a fun night as we all sat in a huge circle of about 20 of us in the kids section and shared our books. It was interesting to see what some people chose and learn quirky facts about them. Here is what we chose:

Like: Country Living Decorating. I LOVE decorating my house and hospitality. Country Living contains ideas of my dream house: out on a couple of acres, big wrap around porch, you feel comfortable and safe as soon as you walk in the door, half new/half worn furniture and decor....I LOVE IT! My home is my haven.

Disagree: Game Stop Magazine. I hate the idea that so many parents just stick their kids in front of the TV and allow them to play video games all day. I am not totally against video games, but I think it needs to be done in moderation. I have seen the effects it can have on children and their minds.

LIKE: Amish Grace. Evan wants to be Amish. If I would agree, we would move to an Amish community and live the simple life. To his dismay, that will never happen. I am not the Amish type. Evan totally believes in a much simpler way of life. That we crowd our lives with too much "Stuff" that distracts us from God. I do agree with this, but I guess I am a little more attached to things like electricity and cars than he is.

DISLIKE: Book on TV. As Evan said, he wants to smash ours. He hates TV and thinks it is the biggest waste of time. He tried to convince me to get rid of it when we bought our house. Once again, I wasn't going for it. Poor Evan:(

Dixie Jean:
LIKE: Dancing Book: Dixie loves to dance around the living room, especially in her Dada's arms. They 2 step and she cracks up laughing. Anytime a song is on. She says "dance" and bops up and down.

DISLIKE: A book on Walking: She is 1 year old and we are just getting to the point where she regularly pulls up on furniture to the standing position.

It was a really fun time. What books would you pick if you had the same assignment?