Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PT 101

We have started potty training....not hard core, bunker down in the house for a week potty training. We are just getting used to the potty. I ask Dixie several times throughout the say if she wants to try. She usually responds with "n-a-nim" (aka M&M). Every time she actually pee pees in the potty she gets one M&M. So, chocolate is her current motivation...I can't say that I blame her. It's so funny because she won't eat it for like 5 minutes. She just stares at it like a prized jewel because she only gets one. FInally after it starts to melt, she begins to eat it in tiny little bites. She is so funny.
I am starting her in the pull-ups next week and we are just going to stay home and see how she does. I am not pushing it, because she is still young, but I know she can do it if she wants to. Either way, my little girl is getting so big and I am SUPER proud of the steps she has taken already!



Englehart's said...

So sweet! Love the M&M idea....I am going to have to remember that!