Wednesday, January 25, 2012

From Formula to Headbands

I feel like I haven't been crafty in quite some time and I have been wanting to be. But to be honest at 9 months pregnant, I don't feel like doing much but getting this baby out. So, crafts have been put on the back burner and just maintaining everyday life with the 2 kids has been a task. Today I was excited to get a 3 minute craft in that actually will be used.

I have been saving formula cans for about 6 months just knowing that one day I would find something to do with them. Well today, I decided to actually put one to use. Miss Curly Q has a ton of headbands and bows and they are thrown in random baskets and pinned to a board all over the top of her dresser. So, I made her a headband & bow holder in literally under 3 minutes with a formula can, scrap fabric a glue gun and some paint pens. It's not the cutest thing, but it serves its purpose and I got to feel a little crafty today.

Basic formula can

Wrapped a piece of scrap fabric on it ( guess I was feeling all Valentinesy) and hot glued it down. I didn't worry about the raw edges at the bottom and top because no one will see them. I just glued them down.

The inside holds all of her clips and bows

The headbands fit around the can perfectly and they stay in place. You could really decorate the top and make it cute and customized. I wasn't that concerned about it so I just wrote something real fast.

I'm sure you could do the same with an oatmeal container and customize these for gifts, maybe even covering them with scrapbook paper instead of fabric so that you could could cover the lid too.


Mimi said...

very cute idea!!

AmberV said...

Nice! I love it!