Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saying goodbye to my 20's and welcoming my 30's

The day has come...I am 30!!!! I remember inching up to this day the past few birthdays and discussing with a friend how 30 would be here before we know it. While I think by society's standards, I am supposed to be depressed and wear black or something because I am now "old," I am not. I am actually quite excited to begin this new chapter of my life.

 I do have to say that it is a little crazy to say goodbye to a decade of my life that holds some amazing memories. To know that I will never see my 20's again can start to make me a little sappy, but I know that my 30's will have some wonderful things in store as well (God willing). I wanted to take a minute and look back at some significant milestones that happened in my 20's. These past 10 years have been pretty amazing and full of God's grace and love. So, here goes:

  • I graduated from college with a degree in Elementary Education:


  • I became a K teacher and taught for 4 fun and hectic years. It was such a blessing to have such influence over so many students that I came to love.


  • I met and married the most AMAZING man in the whole world. I didn't know men like him existed and I was grateful that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with.


  • My faith became solid and I have gained a humble appreciation and love for Jesus! He became not just my Savior, but my Lord. It's nice knowing He's in control:) 

  • We bought our first house


  • I had the privilege of experiencing the miracle of pregnancy and gave birth to my 3 precious and beautiful children. I have never known a love so deep.




  • I started my dream job as a stay at home mommy. There is no place I would rather be than loving on my babies and watching them grow. It's not always the easiest job, and some days I want to pull my hair out or just go to the bathroom by myself, but it's so worth it. Oh, and photo shoots don't always go the way you want, but they are still cute.

  • I joined an amazing church family that is dedicated to showing Christ's love to others and living out the gospel. I am excited to see how God continues to use us for His kingdom.

  • I have made some amazing friends and have grown deeper in relationship with some I already had.   *I couldn't possibly fit everyone's picture here, but you know who you are:)
  • I got a mini van (yes people, this was a milestone for me..I dreamed about it since high school)


I feel so CRAZY BLESSED to look back at all of that and see how God has brought me through this journey. I am not sure how I can top those years, but I look forward to seeing where God leads me next. I am embracing my 30's!!!


Lane Corley said...

Great Post! Great to be able to count your blessings! We are blessed to be able to partner with you guys.