Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fill in the bubble completly and erase any stray marks

SO my Kindergartners are currently taking SATs (Stanford Achievement Tests). We stretch it out over a 2 week period because having a 5 year old sit in a desk for more than an hour and fill in bubbles is not a good idea. I am not allowed to give hints or say anything that would lead them to an answer. So here I am walking around the room cringing inside saying "I cannot believe you just picked that answer....PAY ATTENTION!!!" It can be very frustrating for me and the kids. I hate when they get stuck and I have to say "Just take your best guess" They look heartbroken over not knowing the answer.

Then I have the child who decided to fill in the bubbles ahead of time....without hearing the question or instructions. When I ask him what he is doing, he replies....." I am guessing what you are going to say..and if it's wrong...I'll change it." Talk about drive me crazy!

Overall it is going ok....but I am just not sure that I agree with standardized testing of Kindergartners. Seems a little intense if you ask me.

We still have 5 more days of this #2 pencils, fill in the bubble, no talking fun. Once I get through this and parent evaluations (which determine my salary...that's another soap box) then I'll be ok. Graduation is almost in sight. Praise God for teachers having summer off! We need it.


mullinsfamily said...

Sorry you are having to deal with the stress of testing this week!! You are right though...summer is almost here!! YIPPEE!!