Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love a day to myself!

Today has been great. I am sitting here at 2:26 in my towel after taking a nice shower and realizing that I still have half the day ahead of me to do whatever I please. Daniel was invited to Blue Bayou with the other child I teach cooking lessons to and his youth group. He was soooo excited to go that he kept asking me the same questions over and over to which my answer never changed..."I don't know." I am glad to see that he is making new friends and as an added bonus, it gives me a day to myself.

I took the 3 boys to the church this morning and since then I have done my quiet time, listened to the Nanny Diaries on audio as I sipped some hot chai. Adorable and delightful book if I may say so. There are a few choice words in there that they could have done without though. The audio version is read by Julia Roberts and she does a fantastic job! I saw the movie, but the book is always better because you get to use your imagination.

After I finished the 4 discs, I decided I needed a workout so that I am not completely a lazy bum today. So, I busted out my Carmen Electra Fit to Strip DVD. On this one there is no stripping involved...just a GREAT WORKOUT to prepare your body if you decide to strip. The sweat was pouring onto my carpet from my forehead....Note to self...Vacuum and clean carpet. Afterwards I chugged a BIG glass of water and hit the shower.

For the rest of the day I think I will hit the library. The Bob Greene Best Life Diet book is on hold for me. I know I know...a diet book....but I think it's a lifestyle book. Anyway he rants and raves about it on Oprah..I know...Oprah! Anyway, it might make me feel like getting healthy...what have I got to lose?

I have Bible Study at 6:30 and I need to cook spaghetti before I go for my fabulous husband. But I think I can squeeze some time in there to run up to school and make some copies for next year and file them. Ok now that I have typed that....that sounds like a dreadful idea on my day off. X school I'll find something else to do....maybe treat myself to Smoothie King...YUMMY! Now that I've blabbered enough, I need to get dressed...Bob Green's healthy living tips await me and I'd hate for them to give them to someone else.