Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sewing Circle

My Aunt called me the other night and asked if I would be interested in a Family Sewing circle. She was reading an omish book and it talked about how women in the family would meet together and sew and the kids would be there also with someone taking care of them. Well I got excited...a chance to hang out with my family and sew on my new machine....and free dinner...sign me up.

Our "sewing" or craft circle started last night at my Maw's house. We had some delicious lasagna and ceaser salad and headed upstairs to sew...babies and all. My Maw's workout room doubles as her sewing room. 8 adults and 3 babies. I attempted to start cutting out my rag doll pattern but trying to lay material and a pattern down and pin it with babies crawling everywhere and everyone being smooshed...was not happening. I think I got 4 pieces cut out total. With a huge knot in my lowerback and baby screams (from very tired babies) I gave up.

I am glad that we did it though. It was fun having everyone together. I miss all my girls! It's amazing how hectic life gets and you forget about what's important, like spending time with those you love. We will do it again next month, hopefully a little more successful with the sewing. Here are some pics from last night. As you can see..there is not much "sewing" taking place.
My mom is going to be Wonder Woman for her office party and needed some adjustments to her costume. She looks more like my mom now with that black wig!

Soryn trying on Nanny's wig.....we said she looke like Miss Piggy with all that hair.