Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend FUN!

What a fun filled weekend Evan and I had. It was busy busy but great. Here are some photos of all of the fun filled events we did.

Friday night I used my sewing machine for the first time. IT IS AWESOME. The computer programming makes it so easy!!!

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:30 to go fishing. This would be the first time to take the boat out and for me to fish and use my new fishing pole. However, the boat would not start. We decided to go to the pier and fish anyway. It was relaxing and I was excited to catch the first fish. Yes, it is small, but it's my first fish ever! I was also sad that it did not hook in his mouth, but in his gill and eye.....poor fishy. Evan caught one after me and a baby crab. It was a lot of fun...but I would not touch those yucky worms.

On Saturday my school had a Fall Festival. Ryn and Shannon came. The guys got bored real easily, but it was fun to see my kids enjoying the games.

On Sunday our friends Larry and Sharman took us to the Saints vs Raiders game. We always have a blast with them when we go! It was a great game and the Saints rocked the house and won!!!! Sad to say, I did not get nachos though...they downgraded the nachos and you all know that is one of my favorites! Hopefully NACHO BOYCOTT o8' will make them realize we want good nachos ;) Seriously there were signs and stickers that said Nacho Boycott and Hell no-We won't Na-cho!

I cut myself out of one of the pictures, therefore there is a small one of Evan and Larry and Sharman. It was one of those pictures that make you go..."I think I will starve myself...FOREVER!" Didn't think you guys would want to see my 10 chins. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't get the nachos;)

Then on Sunday night we celebrated Jena's 20th Birthday. I cannot believe she is 20!!!!!

Audrey is serious about her teething! Like a dog after a bone.

Barb flung ice-cream at mom and they got a good laugh out of it!

Season 5 of One Tree Hill!!!I can't wait!!!! Brooke already wants to watch it.