Friday, December 26, 2008

1st Baby McGinty Appearance!!!

I never got to scan this picture in. This was our 2nd ultrasound at 10 weeks. The head is on the left and the cross stops right under it's bottom. At this point it had little bitty stubby arms and legs..but it was kicking and moving all over the place. If you look closely you can see the little dots on either side of the body where arms and legs are growing.

I am now 14 weeks, which in terms of the growth of the baby can make a big difference. The baby is now about the size of my fist. I will have my next ultrasound on January 20th. I can't wait to see how much bigger this sweet angel has gotten. Evan and I got ducky footed pajamas for Christmas for the baby and for some reason when I opened it and thought about the fact that my baby's body will be filling those pj's before I know it...I started to cry. We can't wait!

Christmas 2008

Christmas was great this year, but it seems like it flew by. Where did it go???? It was definitely an experience with so many babies taking over. Wow....and 2 more on the way. This family is getting to be huge!! We stayed at home in LA with my family although we missed Evan's family this year! We will make a trip there over Mardi Gras. 1 week left of my Christmas vacation! Cheers to another great Christmas and a New Year on the way. Next Christmas we'll have a little one.....that is so nuts! I am much better at blogging have fun checking these out!

Evan and I went to New Orleans to sing Christmas carols in Jackson Square. There were thousands of people there...but it was awful because a "yatty" lady was on the mic singing so loud and she could not sing that it ruined it so bad. We left early...but at least we tried it!

Christmas Day

Mr. Joey cooking up some yummy breakfast!

Breakfast time!

Mom, me, and Lou Christmas morning.

Evan remembered that I have been wanting a locket and had one engraved for me... I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to put his picture and our baby's picture in it. He's the best husband in the whole world!

Audrey's first Christmas..and yes..she is eating the wrapping paper.

Evan loves his baby.. the belly is growing!!

Daniel and Dayne

Debbie and Brad

Shannon and Soryn ( baby Van will be arriving in 3 weeks)

Soryn was loving Evan and he wanted to capture it on camera

Maw and Brooke...I Love her smile!!!

The Frye and Norris Family

Yes.....Evan's beard is huge and yucky. He is growing it out because he is going hiking in 2 weeks on the Appalachian trail and wants to keep his face as warm as possible. I am counting down the days till he gets back and trims it back down!

The tables were set so pretty for Christmas lunch.

Audrey had fun playing blocks with Uncle Evan
Evan with some of his ghetto stocking stuffers.

Opening up my present from Evan's mom..I am so excited!!!
I have been wanting a Kitchen Aid Mixer forever...cakes, eclairs and I come!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Peachy Keen

So baby and Momma are growing. I am starting to poke out, more so than usual and feeling the cramping from everything stretching in my lower abdomen. Baby is the size of a peach (Awwwww) and I swear I feel things..but it's gas I'm sure. I am already having trouble sleeping. I wake up at least 2 times a night to pee and can't seem to get comfortable. I heard starting now I am supposed to start sleeping on my left side...the one side I hate to sleep on. I tried last night and it just didn't happen...I ended up on my right or my belly every time I woke up. I have to get one of those body pillows. I am also dreaming like CRAZY. Poor Tim McGraw died last night in my dream. Although I was mad at him because he divorced Faith and started hooking up with a Playboy Bunny. WEIRD!!!!!

Anyway, I am definatley feeling pregnant and it is getting better. I only get sick about 1 time a week. However, I am still having MEGA food aversions. I can't even watch commercials about food or go into the grocery store. It's definately an interesting time in a woman's life. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday so I'll update then. For now, I'm loving my little peach!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day

We had the most beautiful and random day in LA this past week. It actually snowed.....not sleet...snow. I was sad because Evan was working and we didn't get to spend the day throwing snowballs at each other and building snowmen, but I got a few pics and a great one of my grandma about to hurl a snowball. Look how beautiful it was. We got about 6 inches!

Cookies and Ornaments

Last week, we had my brothers, dad, sister, brother in-law, and niece over for a fun night of decorating the Christmas tree and making our annual homemade Christmas cookies. Evan even made the dough this year! We always have lots of fun as we listen to Christmas music and get into the Christmas spirit. It was a tight squeeze in our little living room and we had flour EVERYWHERE, but it was worth it!