Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crawfish Season Begins!!!

On Saturday my family celebrated my 27th birthday with a crawfish boil....the first one of the season. It was DELICIOUS and cooked to perfection thanks to our friend Chad. We had everyone over at our place, which I was a little nervous about because our place was so small and by the time you have my fam over it's 20 people. But, it worked out perfectly. We have a small backyard that is perfectly shaded by big pine trees and the weather was GORGEOUS!!! Don't worry, I didn't eat too many crawfish, but I had to introduce the baby to some Lousisiana flavor. Yum.....I wish I was pinching tails and sucking heads right now!!!!! Here are LOTS of pics of the fam enjoying the day:

Audrey likes to pull her mommy's hair

Being a cowgirl!

Barb and Brooke taking a long nap.

Nanny stealing Buffalo cheek kisses

Brooke is happy about something
Joey, Jessye and Tommy enjoying the final batch of crawfish

Shannon made me this beautiful tile and it looks great in my house.

Singing Happy Birthday...where am I???

Oh those cheeks!!!
A self portrait of my AMAZING husband and I
All the girls dancing on the table....yikes!!!
Shannon ready to dig in.
Dad and Erin
The crawfish free table
Big claws!!!
The boys chowing down
Lou Lou pinching a tail
Maw and Jerry
Cooking up the crawfish...it smells sooooo good.
Momma loves her grandbaby!