Monday, March 30, 2009

Luxurious Weekend!

What a great weekend we had in Orange Beach! It was very relaxing and the weather decided to be nice to us. We were able to go out to the pool Saturday and Sunday. I know...we were at the beach and didn't even go to the beach, but when you see the pool area of this place, you'll know why. The condo was fabulous and spacious and provided a great amount of R&R for all 3 of us. Evan and I didn't feel great all weekend, but it helped knowing we were in the lap of luxury while we suffered. The family who's place we stayed at was so kind and generous to us for letting us use the condo and anything in it. We are very grateful and really enjoyed our stay. I am ready for summer to soak up some more sun!

Mom and I ready for a beautiful day at the pool.
At Lucy Buffets restaraunt, LuLu's. Great live music and yummy food made it worth the 1 hour wait!
Baby McGinty's first time to go swimming! Even though it does that everyday! it was swimming within swimming!
Mom and I being goofy in the indoor pool
The living area of the condo
The view from our balcony. Yes, that is a lazy river around the pool...see why we never went to the beach?

Evan floating in the lazy river. He was the only brave one to get into the shocking ice water.