Monday, June 1, 2009

3 weeks to go!!!!

I know that I promised an 8 month belly pic, but it looks like I missed a whole month...sorry. I can assure you it is bigger. So, here we are in the 9th month already.....CRAZY! I can't believe my baby will be here this month....hopefully not later. I am so excited to be "officially" finished with school and packing up my classroom so that I can now concentrate on getting ready for the baby and resting. I was walking around wal-mart this morning at a very slow pace and finding myself completely out of breath and sweating (oh am I going to survive labor?)

I have a doctor's appointment today and I think they do an ultrasound to measure bones and give an estimate of how big the baby is...but I know they are rarely right on. I just hope they don't give me a "big size" estimate or anxiety will start taking over me. Evan has to work and he gave me a stern warning that if I don't speak up and remind them that we do not want to know the sex of the baby..he will kill me. You see, last doctors visit, when we found out the baby was head down, the doc was about to put the ultrasound globe on my belly when Evan spoke up and reminded him we didn't want to know. The doctor said "Oh I am glad you said something, because I probably would have slipped up." Evan glared at me because he knew I wasn't saying anything. The truth is, as much as I want to know, I have waited this long and finding out now would make me upset. We only have 3 weeks left, I can hold out.

Evan has been amazing at organizing everything and getting stuff ready. I have yet to hit the "nesting" phase, so I mainly just watch as he organizes (it's a God given talent..that I did not get). We are both getting so pumped. We have most of our hospital bag packed and ready to go. It's still so surreal....but as I am being kicked in the rib cage right now by this little cutie, I am reminded this is real!