Monday, June 8, 2009

Girl Dreams and Cotton Candy toes

Had a wonderful baby dream last night. It was a girl! That is the 2nd girl dream I have had in the past few weeks. It was wonderful....made me so anxious for the baby to get here. Looking at the votes to the left..not many of you think it is a girl :) That's ok...I don't either really, but the dream was GREAT!

 I have a doctor's appointment today, although I am sure not that much has changed. I am actually feeling less pressure than I was a few weeks ago. Only 17 days left and I have a feeling I will make it there. Overall I am feeling great. I get really worn out really fast, and can't get comfortable when I sleep, but other than that, I'm good. 

I think we have everything as ready as we can get it before the baby gets here. It is killing me that I can't decorate the "nook" until we know the sex. I went ahead and bought some stuff for a boy and some stuff for a girl. At least it will be ready to go when they arrive. It gave me some sense of peace. I will just return what I don't use.

 Last night Evan painted my toenails like a good husband, since I can't reach or see my feet:) I have to have them ready for labor right? We did pink and blue (every other toe) as we do not want to be partial to one or the other. It is a little tacky, but fun! However, it makes me want cotton candy. I asked Evan if it did that for him and he looked at me like I was crazy. It must be a pregnant thing.

Well, that's all for now. If there is a doctor update, I'll post again soon.


The Hudgins said...

that's so adorable about your toes! have evan call asah when you go in! we are so excited for ya'll and i'm DYING to know what baby mcginty is.
love ya'll.