Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flower Princess

I decided to put Dixie in this Tinkerbell tutu dress for Halloween. I didn't feel like sticking that yarn wig on her for a 3rd day in a row only to have her constantly try to rip it off. The dress was a little too small despite it being a size 12-18 months. Her little stocking bottom was sticking out, but she still looked cute. We had no fairy wings, so I stuck a huge flower on her head and called her a "Flower Princess." We didn't even go Trick or Treating as our neighborhood was a complete let down with hardly any kids Trick or Treating and only a few houses passing out candy. I figured I wouldn't put any of us through the disappointment. Next year, she will be more aware of what is going on. She had fun digging through our candy bowl though and eating a big sucker.