Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 weeks to go!!

Yes....I am HUGE and yes, I am in my PJ's! The countdown is truly on. Getting ready for Christmas makes it so close. I am def ready to meet this baby and see what he/she is. I am also ready to sleep comfortably......oh wait...I am about to go back to no sleep:) Should be getting the crib in this weekend. Gosh this is flying by!!!

In preparation for the new baby, I wanted to get Dixie a Big Sister shirt. I found lots of cute ones on ETSY, but they were going to cost me about $25. I decided to try to make one myself, but man it is hard to get that embroidered look without messing up. I am no good at it. I wanted some funky and fun material, but it's almost too much and it's hard to read. Oh well...looks like I might order one after all, but she can still play in this one.


geauxcory said...

Angie! That looks great! I can tell what it says. But if you are absolutely not happy about it, I could probably ask a favor from my mom. Just let me know, she'll be coming in for Thanksgiving.

Englehart's said...

You look adorable!!!! Cannot wait to meet this little cutie!!!!