Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Tree

I wanted to start a new family tradition this year...a "thankful tree." I was originally going to paint a tree trunk on a sheet and hang it. Everyone would take a leaf and write their name, year and what they are thankful for and we would hang it back on the tree and add to it every year. However, th more I thought about it, the more I thought, how hard it would be to find a place to hang a big sheet every year. So, we decided to put our tree up early and turn it into a thankful tree.

I put the leaves all over it and added 5x7 black and whites of my family. We will do the same thing with the leaves year after year. I am really excited about it and watching how it grows over the years and seeing what everyone is thankful for.


AmberV said...

I love this idea Ang! Wish I would have thought of it. I may borrow your idea for next year.