Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dixie's New Playground

I knew the time would come when Dixie liked playing in the kitchen more than with her toys. You always hear of kids banging on pots and sneaking into cabinets. Well, the time is now. Here are her favorite kitchen areas right now:

The cabinets: Thanks to the previous owners of our house we have childproof locks on 4 cabinets. For some reason these are the ones she goes for. One day she will discover that the pot cabinet on the other side of the kitchen has no locks and surely she will be in for a treat. I think I'll let her figure that out on her own. No need to rush...right?

The cookbooks: This child scoots into the corner of the kitchen and loves to pull out cookbooks. She actually opens them and flips through the pages. Her favorite for a while was a cookbook my Mother-in-law gave me called: The White Trash cookbook (Yikes!!!) Yesterday she upgraded to the kids cookbook. I am hoping this means that mom and dad will have a chef on hand when she hits the teen years:)

The Lemons: "When Dixie hands you make lemonade." Well, that is if the lemons are real. Mine were bought at Michael's for $4 to use as a table centerpiece. I put the basket on the ground and she has a ball throwing them around the kitchen and putting them back into the bowl. She likes to hand them to people so that they say "thank you" then she immediately wants you to hand them back to her so she can say "thank you." Although she hasn't mastered the word, she says it pretty clearly and I about fainted when I heard it.

Here's to my sweet little Kitchen Kid!