Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Is it really possible that my baby belly is already popping out????? With Dixie I didn't really start showing till at least 16 weeks. I am 12 weeks now and my belly looks like it did at 16 with her. Granted, I had some leftover belly from my sweet daughter...oh yea and lots of junk food cravings.

But, if you have ever had a child before, you know the difference between belly fat and when you start to feel that slight tightening that is from baby growth. It just feels different and hopefully I have not eaten that many cookies.

It's already starting to get a little uncomfortable when I lay on my belly. I told Evan last night that if I am already popping out, I am going to be HUGE!! Not looking forward to that, but so thankful and blessed that this new precious life is growing inside of me.