Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gender Dreams

Lat night was my second baby gender dream with this pregnancy. I only had one with Dixie (she was a boy). Way to trust those dreams.

I have not had a feeling as to what this baby is's only been 11 weeks. But this morning I woke up feeling convinced, at least till the next dream. Two dreams in a row have been a GIRL! Now seeing my past dream history record I guess I should not trust that.

Lately I have been leaning towards having a boy. Granted we would be Thrilled either way. I have always love the sisterhood bond but a boy and a girl would be fun I think. But then in my dream I saw that baby girl and called her by name: Savannah (yes that is our girl name) and was so smitten and in love. Also a little freaked out because she had already cut 4 teeth by birth (I bet nursing was going to be lots of fun).

It made me really excited about having this baby, but I will gladly wait till December. I want more time with my Dixie Jean to be my baby. She's growing so fast and I find myself getting teary eyed every time I think of her turning 1 in a couple weeks.

I can't wait to officially find out what this sweet baby is and hold him/her in my arms. We have a while to go. Any guesses on how many times I change my mind before December?


Jennifer Casey said...

It's amazing what our minds can do! It feels like I always knew we were going to have a girl first and when I got pregnant, I felt like I knew right off the back. What's odd is that we talked about her by name before we even found out she was a girl!!! :)