Friday, August 20, 2010

1st Bike Ride

I'm pretty sure that Evan was ready to buy Dixie a bike seat from the moment that she was born. We couldn't decide if we should get the front rider or back rider seat. After watching some youtube videos we decided to go with the Wee rider. It is the front rider seat.

We went on our first family bike ride this week around the neighborhood and it was so much fun! Dixie wasn't overly excited, but she was ok when Evan put her helmet on. I thought she would have screamed and put up a fight. She just kind of chilled and enjoyed the ride. She liked to watch my bicycle wheels go around as I rode next to their bike.

As my belly gets bigger, I won't be able to join the family bike ride for too much longer. However, while I can still balance myself, I look forward to this fun time. By the way...I think Evan was beaming as "proud papa" the whole time they were riding:) He's already talking about getting a new seat for the baby...I think we have a little time.