Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dixie's New:

Favorite Toy:

Her ice-cream truck that she got for her birthday. She loves to climb on and over it and press the button that plays the typical "ice-cream man" song. It's such a tease:)


She has 2 new teeth at the top and one more about to break through. That makes a total of 5!!! She looks too big with top teeth:(


We call this move "Yoga Baby." I think it is the step in between scooting and trying to stand up without holding onto anything. She gets the bottom half up, but can't lift the top half. She thinks it is hilarious...and so do we.

Favorite thing to Kiss:

My Belly (aka the baby). She is so sweet. She will kiss it over and over. She is going to be a great big sister.


While my child is disparately trying to grow some hair, it seems as though it is only growing on the top of her head and not the sides...thus we have a toupee. This is the reason her daddy requires that a bow be put on her head anytime we go out. Good thing she has those big beautiful blue eyes to distract poor baby:) This shirt should say: "I have my daddy's hair."