Friday, August 6, 2010

Reading Nook Chair

So I know I am supposed to be thinking about the new baby's room, however without knowing the gender...that is kind of hard. Dixie will be passing her furniture to the baby and when we save up some money, we will be getting all white furniture in her room. I can't stop thinking about making her a "reading nook." No, she can't read yet, but she LOVES books and she loves to climb and sit on things.

The reading nook area was always my favorite part of my classroom when I taught...hence having a 2 story castle in my classroom for 2 years....what a sad day when I left and they had to tear it down:(

Dixie will not have a castle...nor do I have any super fabulous reading nook ideas as of yet...I have very limited space and funds, but the one thing I have on my wish list is this chair in light pink from Pottery barn Kids:

Solid Hybrid Anywhere Chairs

My niece has one in her room and they are super comfortable...even I can sit in it and you can take the covers off and wash them. I love it because it will grow with her and I want her to always have a comfy spot to encourage her love of reading.

Just had to dream in writing for a minute. They are pricey...but maybe one day:) If you have any super cute reading nook ideas that are simple for a little girls room, let me know.


Miss Slater said...

What did you make the castle out of?

Larissa Speer said...

I would also love to know how you built your castle. I am in a children's library and I am looking for something similar.