Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dixie's Chair

I have been so anxious to get Dixie a chair for her room. Several of her cousins have one, and I always find her sitting in them with a book in hand. My dream was to get an over sized Pottery Barn one, but when I looked at what I wanted, it was going to cost close to $200.... a little much. I continued to look at Big Lots, Wal-Mart and Target but some of them seemed too small and chinky or too big for her size.

Finally, Evan sent me a message one day saying that KidsWoot.com was running a deal on kid's recliners. They are called Dozy Dotes and the reviews on them were excellent. I am not exactly sure how much they normally sell for, but it was on sale for $89. It can recline and rock, although we took that part off of the chair to make it a little shorter so that Dixie can climb in on her own. We will put it back on once she is older. The chair can hold up to 100 pounds (guess mommy won't be sitting in it), so it can grow with her.

I questioned the pattern that I got after I ordered it, but once we got it in her room, I was in love. It adds color and is perfect for her. She is always climbing in it and I am glad that it is developing some independent play on her part in her room when I am not in there. She always says "Dixie's chair."