Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Free Housecleaning

It's been so cold lately, which = no going outside. With a child who wants to always be doing something, that presents a challenge. On Evan's off day last week, he and Dixie decided to blow bubbles in the house. No big deal as long as they stayed on the rug....hey that's free rug cleaning:)

These particular bubbles are from Gymboree and are by far the coolest bubbles ever as you will see from the picture. My friend Lynds had them and I knew I had to get them for Dixie. They make hundreds of little mini bubbles. Turns out they didn't just stay in the living room. I had bubbles landing in the dinner on the stove that night....added a little extra flavoring.

These bubbles also stick and will stay in bubble form if you don't pop them, which makes for a Bubble World all over everything...totally fun! I caught a few pics of the bubble madness. I loved how they stuck to Dixie's hair (yes i said hair....there is a little bit there, for like an hour:)

I think we will be busting out the bubbles again today. My little bit is sick and we have been stuck inside for 3 days now. Gotta get her better before the new little bit arrives next week (hopefully).


Englehart's said...

Oh my....those bubbles are so much fun, but yes....they do leave their mark. But it is so worth it to see their faces! Glad she is enjoying them :)