Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reminded by my 1 1/2 year old

Last night my heart melted. Evan made grilled cheese and sweet potato fries for dinner. Since it was coming out in batches, first Dixie started eating, then I did and finally Evan sat down to eat when his was done. As soon as he sat down, Dixie stopped eating and said "pray." We try to remember to pray before every meal, but I have to admit, sometimes we forget. I was so thrilled that my 17 month old reminded us, even in the middle of her meal.

Evan and I always hold hands across the table and we place our hands on her highchair as she is usually still eating while we pray, but on her own, she grabbed each of our hands. We had our first family prayer all holding hands last night. She even sat quietly until daddy finished and said her usual "amen" once we were done. I was a proud momma! I said "It's sinking in!" Evan said she is doing it out of habit, which I know and I am grateful for. That is how they learn, but I can't help but hope that already at such a young age, the Holy Spirit is working on her and building up her love and respect for Jesus.

Last night as we prayed before bed, she grabbed both of our hands again and sat very respectfully as her daddy prayed, where as she is usually climbing all over the place. My little girl is growing up and it's in moments like these that I am in awe of God's precious creation of children.

On a funnier note, I let out a little burp after dinner (small mind accident), when Dixie looks at me and says "scuse me." child had to remind me to excuse myself. Wow...she is starting to pick up a lot! It's been fun watching her learn. I just hope she picks up more of the good habits than the not so good ones:)


AmberV said...

So sweet! Landry reminds us of that too sometimes. Especially if are in a rush, she always slows us down enough to pray first. Oh, and did you read my post about manners? HaHa! Landry is such a boss. She always lets us know when we've forgotten to use our manners.