Thursday, January 20, 2011

Baby Sleep...or lack thereof

Last night, we moved Knox into his bedroom. Since he is right across the hall, we just left the doors open so we could still hear him, but maybe not every grunt he makes throughout the night. We were also looking forward to turning our fan back on, as we have been sweating since he has been in our room. Turns out, I still heard every grunt, he woke up more than usual, and we couldn't find the remote to our fan (it's the only way you can turn it on).

I am hoping that tonight proves to be a better night as I have found the remote control and I am hoping that covers a little bit of the grunty noises. My sweet boy has been sleeping in his carseat in his crib since he is CRAZY congested and has been for 2 weeks. I am trying to keep him upright until it passes. I am just worried that once he's better, he'll be so used to the carseat that he won't sleep on his back. Either way...he's cute! As much as I dread hearing that little cry in the middle of the night, when I get up and see his sweet face, my disposition totally changes and the world is a better place.