Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sissy and Bubba

Before Knox arrived, I worried constantly about how Dixie would adjust to a new baby in the house, someone stealing "her time" away from us. My first worry was that she would be upset with me and act out. My second worry was that she would be upset with the baby. Luckily neither one of those really happened. She was super whiny at first whenever we would show Knox attention. She would cry for her milk after I had already sat down to feed him. Praise God, that is starting to become minimal as we are in week 3.

The great news is that, she is totally in love with her brother. She calls him Bubba and I don't think even realizes his real name is Knox. She asks for him first thing when she wakes up, pets his head and says "soft," wants to hold him constantly (even if it's only for 2 seconds before she says "all done"), gives him kisses, and shouts bye bye Bubba before she goes to bed. I think she is totally smitten with him.

I cannot wait until he is able to interact and play with her. I think they are going to have a great bond. Here are a few of the pictures that I have gotten of the two of them together so far.

My FAVORITE shot as they look at each other through the nursery window. Knox is staring right at her.

Here she is telling her Daddy to put him back in the baby joke. This was the first time she saw him.

We have to remind her every once in a while not to bounce Bubba's brains out.
Teaching Bubba how to do Tummy Time.
Sharing story time with Dadda
Helping Momma feed him.