Saturday, January 22, 2011

She's a Maneater

"Wooo ooo here she out boy, she'll chew you up...woo ooo here she comes...she's a man eater."

Those are the words that popped into my head as my daughter came to me, with Ken doll in hand and said "Head off." I thought I misunderstood her, but as she tried with all of her might to pull Ken's head off, I knew I heard right. Now granted, this Ken doll is from when I was a kid and his head does pop off easily. I am sure she has seen his head come off before and therefor views him more as a Mr. Potato head type. Although, after watching Ken on Toy Story 3, I kind of wanted to pop his head off too:)

If I put Ken's head back on...she screams.."Head off...head off!" Is it ridiculous of me to be a little worried???????????? I'll save these pictures for her future husband.