Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decorating the Tree

Last night, we turned our "Thankful" tree to our Christmas tree. We had talked up putting the ornaments on all day. Dixie was sooo excited and I was a little nervous at how Knox would handle all of these new little "temptations." The kids enjoyed it for about 10 minutes and then got tired of hanging ornaments. Dixie mainly just wanted to hold the ones that she liked the best. Knox did surprisingly well avoiding pulling down everything we put up and as of this morning, the tree and ornaments are still in tact. Whether short lived or not, decorating the tree is always a special memory for us each year as it officially starts Christmas season!

Oh yes...we totally have the fake fireplace playing on the tv:) Even if we had a real one, it is way to warm and muggy down here to have it going right now.

Knox hangs his first ornament. Last Christmas he was only 3 days how time flies!

That baby is poking way out..only 9 weeks to go. And yes, I am in my pajamas with no make-up on..yikes!

Digging through the ornaments..and wow... look at that hair! Albert Einstein must be in her ancestry somewhere.