Wednesday, November 9, 2011

She thinks we're just fishing

If you remember from my camping post, Evan had bought Dixie her first fishing pole for their camping trip, but they never had the chance to use it due to her complete meltdown at 11 pm. So, this week on Evan's off day, he loaded up the bike with their fishing gear and he and Dixie Jean rode down to the pond at the back of our neighborhood. They had fun together and once again, I am thankful that he takes the individual time out with her to make her feel special. I am even more appreciative that he tries to capture moments like this on video so that I can take a small part in them. I know that she will treasure these little video clips when she is older.

The song below,  played through my head as they were gone. I am totally NOT a Trace Adkins fan, although I do love country music. But, any song about a Daddy and his little girl just gets me. I'm that person who still cries when I hear Bob Carlise's "Butterfly Kisses" (I know most of you are probably gagging right now). I am way sentimental, especially when it comes to my kids and thinking of them growing up. I can't emphasize enough how blessed I am to have a husband who adores his kids and takes time to do things like this with them.

So, take a minute and listen to the song below and get all sappy with me. Then if you care to, you can watch the video clip of Dixie's 1st fishing experience (which by the way, she didn't catch anything, but claims in the video that she caught 3 fish...and the exaggerated stories begin).



Kayla said...

LOVE that song. Heard it the other day!