Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October wrap up

Someone please explain to me where October went. I cannot believe it is November! That means Thanksgiving to plan at my house and finishing touches on our Thanksgiving church banquet, Knox's 1st birthday party in early December, not to mention getting started on Christmas. Before I know it, the holidays will be over, Evan will be taking his annual hiking trip on the Appalachian trail and we will be welcoming our new baby into the world. So, lots of exciting  and busy things coming up.

I wanted to post a few pics from the end of October though before the madness begins. October was a wonderful month!

 And here are a few of my fav pics from Trick or Treat:

I LOVE dressing up in costume any chance I get. I was sad that the day before Halloween, I had NOTHING! Finally a creative spark hit me with the Prego shirt and from that, Evan's costume slowly evolved. The total cost of this costume was $4!!!

I loved watching Dixie have such a good time. There is a huge difference from last year to this year. Evan and I got emotional watching Dixie show some independence as she walked up to the doors by herself. Looking forward to next year when both kids can Trick or Treat and #3 is being pushed in the stroller. I wonder if I will be sporting the Prego shirt again never know! October was a great month and now I look forward to November!



Kayla said...

genius costumes! love baby girls hair!