Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dayne Dreaming

Last night I had a dream that I got to see Dayne. I was inside my house and Jaimie yelled out: "Oh my gosh...Ang...Dayne is here" My heart jumped and I dropped whatever was in my hands and ran out the door. There was my little chicken. I swept him up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss ever and he just cracked up laughing. I kept saying over and over again how much I missed him. He had lost some teeth too, so he looked older than the last time I saw him. I was so thrilled..I thought for a minute that it might be real.

That is the second time I have had one of these dreams. It's nice because I get to see Dayne for a few brief minutes and I feel the happiness...but then I wake up and my reality is shattered as I realize he's not really there and I can't see him. I miss him so much! It's little things like that, that set me back a few steps and get me upset all over again. I hope that one day soon my dreams do become reality..I miss my brother!


Jamie Mullins said...

Girl...you MUST stop making me cry. I would say that those dreams of Dayne are God's blessing to you. I have no doubt that the Dayne you see in your dreams is what that sweet boy really looks like at that moment. I know it doesn't make the pain go away, but the Lord is trying to give solace in the storm! Love you!