Monday, May 5, 2008

The Great Commission

Why is it so hard to share our faith with those who are close to us? It always seems easier to travel half way around the world and share with a complete least for me. I worry about those close to me thinking that I am judging them or risking a close friendship. The great commission is to "Go and make disciples of all men" Why is this such a struggle?

I tend to think, "We'll they'll just see me and get it" but the truth is...that is only part of it. I am always scared of saying the wrong things or not knowing the answer. But I know that God will equip me with wisdom if I just ask. I think Satan implants doubt in us that we aren't good enough or we don't have the right to share our faith.

It has really hit me hard lately how much I love my family and friends and am concerned with their eternal life. We're not given an exact time of when the Lord takes us out of this world. We have to be diligent and confident in sharing the TRUTH! Please pray that God will grant me peace and confidence and a deep desire to step out and share his love and grace with those closest to me.