Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jaimie turns 21

My sister turned 21 this month. It is amazing to see how she has grown over the years, especially since she has had Audrey. I am very proud of her. I feel like I was 21 yesterday and to think that she is now 21 makes me realize I'm not getting any younger. Time really goes fast! Here are some pics from her birthday

Shannon's bump is starting to show!
The sign I made for Jaimie. It's now hanging in her kitchen..and looks quite cute!

We call this picture "The Spice Boys" Jaimie got a spice rack for a gift (she wanted stuff off of her registry) and before we knew it, all the guys were digging in and sniffing all the spices...maybe a little motivation to cook??????
Audrey is the present!I call this one "Fishy Face" Lool at Ryn's kissable cheeks!

Brooke is getting big too and smiling all the time!