Friday, August 8, 2008

Kingdom Kindergarten

Today I started back to school for inservice. I get to meet my students on Tuesday and they actually start on Thursday. It was a long day of meetings and talk about insurance, 401 K and expectations. I did get my class list and was able to label my desks and sort supplies. I will have 17 kids this year (although someone always adds). It will be boy heavy again this year: 10 boys 7 girls. I am teaching a set of twins for the 3rd year in a row, although this year they are girls. I am anxious to see all the little personalities that will be in my room. I pray that this is a great year..I need it to be!

After today, my eyes are killing me as is my head. Summer is officially over:( I am pretty much finished setting up my classroom though. I thought I would post some pictures of my classroom for those of you who have never seen it. My theme is Kingdom Kindergarten. We are all princes and princesses of the King. We are heir to an amazing kingdom! I want my students to realize that we have to act that out in our lives and also be warriors for Christ. Plus, I love to be a princess! So, here is an inside look into my classroom. Enjoy!

Our class verse

Sir Wolverine, who reminds us to put on the full armor of God

One of my many centers: SAND BOX( the boys love it).

My new cabinet that was built over the summer. I needed storage soooo bad!
My desk area with the awesome castle mural that my mom painted in the background. The phonics/writing center and game center are around my desk.

The castle (My reading and listening center. It's 2 stories and the kids love it!)
The side of the castle where you get to the top story with all of the books

The view from the doorway