Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water Babies

Today I went with Shannon, Ryn, Jena, and Brooke to the Mandeville Trailhead. It's a great place to bring your kiddos if you live close by. The ground has fountains that just spring up and it's fun to watch the kids run from the water. I was supposed to go to school to work in my classroom but then I realized that I only have 3 more days until I have to be at school and I wanted to spend some time with my family. I realize how much I post pics of all of my nieces. Shannon continually reminds me that right now I am the "cool aunt" since I have no kids. So all of you get to see pics of everyone else's kids. One day I will have my own to post about. Until then...... Here are some pics from today:

Baby Brooke (Jena's Baby)

Ryn feeding me some of her slobbery cookie (she likes to share her food)