Thursday, August 21, 2008


Evan and I have decided to downgrade our lifestyle a little. If we ever plan on getting into a house and starting a family...we have to save money. We talked about it and decided that we really don't need a 2 bedroom apartment for just us. So we went on a hunt for a cheaper 1 bedroom so that we can start putting money aside. It's hard to downgrade rather than upgrade as time goes on, but God is working on me to help me realize that I don't need "stuff" or a super fabulous place to live to survive and be more than ok.

Well, our search ended yesterday. We were hitting brick walls trying to find something in our price range. I decided to e-mail the teachers at school. Luckily, one of the high school teachers said she had something. Her dad has a mother-in-law house in his back yard. We went to look at it and it is smaller than where we are now...but it is cute and nice for the price. Of course I looked at it and immediately saw all of the potential it has for me to make it our own. My favorite features include a bench seat inside a bay window that has 2 built in book shelves from ceiling to bench (a perfect spot for quiet time with God). The living room and bedroom have wood floors and floor to ceiling white shelves built into the walls. I LOVE THEM!
The older gentleman that we are renting from seems nice. He and Evan even struck a deal that if Evan keeps up with the yard, he'll subtract the cost from our rent. That makes it even cheaper!!!

Now as excited as I am to decorate a new place and start saving money so we can go to the next pahse of our life I am also sad. I love our place now! We live next to Shannon and Brian and Soryn and love seeing them all the time. I have been so close to Ryn since her birth. It will be hard to be away from them. No going up the stairs to borrow a cup of milk:( Also th pain of packing and unpacking. BLAH!!! We will also have to find storage for some stuff and get rid of some stuff. 1 closet is also going to be very difficult...I guess God is going to really have to work on me when it comes to minimizing a little more!

Nevertheless, it is a move that we must make if we ever want to go to the next stage and not be in debt when we do it. Not sure when we will be able to move but it will be within the next month. I can't wait to take pictures and show you our new pad.