Monday, May 24, 2010

10 year high school reunion

This past Saturday I had my 10 year high school reunion. That sounds insane and makes me feel so old! Boy how the time flies! I was a little nervous seeing as how I had not seen most of those people in 10 years and I had this fear of not remembering people (I have a terrible memory). Evan was def dreading it...he thought it was insane how much we had to pay (it was) and being shy, he was not looking forward to mingling with all these new people.

I have to say that both Evan and I ended up having a really good time. The girls who organized the event did a great job. It was fun dancing to tunes that I danced to at my high school dances and just giggling with old friends.

It was really weird telling people that I am now a mom of 2 (one on the way). I feel like I just graduated yesterday and yet I am so different from that young naive girl I was then (PRAISE GOD!) I remember talking about what my 10 year reunion would be like and how far off it it's over and I look forward to 15 or 20. Kind of scary to even type that.

Here are a few pics from the night:

Jamie, Lyndsey (don't ask about the name tags), Me
Lynds and I with everyone's favorite teacher Mr. Bernard
My sweet La came in from Kansas ( I miss her!)
I am the luckiest woman alive to have this stud for a husband:)