Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm a rule breaker!

Awakened by my daughter's cry at 4:15 this morning....blah...too early! I knew we should have found that darn paci before we put her to bed! Check the video monitor....she is chowing down on her lovey (the little blanket with the lamb head that she sleeps with). Yep.....she just wants her paci. Maybe she'll fall back asleep if I let her cry it out. 4:45..still fussing. I drag myself out of bed and into the kitchen to make a bottle and grab the newborn paci thinking anything will help. Evan greets me with a "Good morning love!" (he's up at 4:30 every morning). I'm not happy, so no good morning from me (as if it's his fault...sorry babe).

I have only put Dixie Jean in the bed with us once when she was a few weeks old and then quickly decided that was not going to happen after reading it is the number one cause of infant death due to suffocation. However, this a.m. I am thinking we're gonna try it. She is much bigger now and mommy is sleepy. I pick her up and she immediately calms down. Walk her into my room into the pitch black and she freaks out least until the bottle goes in her mouth. Once she's done gulping I lay her next to me and snuggle her tight. There are a few whimpers but she is starting to feel secure I can tell. Although I am not pleased with my interrupted sleep, I love snuggling her close:) She gets very very she awake????

Of course by this point you don't want to risk moving a single inch on the chance of waking her if she is sleeping. My nose is stuffy and my arm hurts...but I am not budging. There is no way I can fall asleep like this (30 min pass). Was this even worth it? Next thing I know it is 6:15 ( I do fall asleep for a little while) and daddy has come in to brush his teeth and say goodbye. Great....she wakes up. Although I can't say I am totally arm is completely numb now and she has somehow pushed me to the edge of the bed. One roll and I'm a goner.

She does her little ducky face and stretches her arms up in the air. She looks at her daddy with her sleepy little eyes and then at me. She realizes where she is and gets a huge grin on her face. She kicks her legs in excitement at seeing her daddy when she wakes up (he's usually gone already). Suddenly my day is made and the loss of sleep, sore back and numb arm don't seem to matter. I could snuggle this precious angel all day. What a blessing she is! Evan said I broke the rules by putting her in the bed...and I know I did. However, I think the rules need to be broken every once in a while. She won't be this little forever:(