Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a great and laid back Mother's Day! Evan went camping last night..actually rode his bike there and camped for the night. I was a little bummed that he would not be here in the morning to take care of Dixie so I could sleep in a little. But he is awesome and rode his bike back at 5 am. I woke up checked the monitor and saw Dixie was not in her crib. He had gotten home in time to take care of her:)

When I finally did get out of bed Evan made me the yummiest 4 egg omelet (stuffed with cheese, onion, and bell peppers) and topped with sour cream and salsa. It was huge and it was DELICIOUS!!!! I also had the sweetest card from Evan and Dixie.

We went to church and then headed to the park to meet the rest of the family for a picnic. I got a most delicious Italian salad ( I could eat olives all day:) We had such a relaxing time, with the exception of Dixie eating a leaf, gagging on a leaf and later throwing up in my hand (Happy Mother's Day Mom!) It was a beautiful day and very relaxing.

We came back home to visit with my mom and chow down on brownie there a theme here....FOOD!!!! She got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers:) I love fresh flowers.

Overall I really enjoyed my first official Mother's Day. It is such a blessing and honor to be trusted by God with HIS child:)