Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nausea Nausea...go away:(

Here I am week 7 of pregnancy. I must say that I feared week 7 because that was when the sickness hit me hard with Dixie. From week 7 to 17 it was constant vomiting. Great for losing weight (yes..I needed to lose some)...not so great for being excited about pregnancy.

I am def feeling the nausea most of the day and have to talk myself out of running to the bathroom but so far no upchucking (that sounds so gross). Sometimes I would rather just get it over with and feel better. I have to eat like every 30 minutes or I am nauseous. If I eat I am's a no win situation.

Still have a ways to go but looking forward to the end result when I get to hold that precious baby in my arms and forget all about this not so fun time. Oh the joys of pregnancy:)